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Sun shining, the breeze hitting the newly blossomed trees, and a plethora of good vibes running through your blood stream, in my opinion, is what Sunday’s are all about. Including the blogger-worthy brunch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

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For years, I remember not being able to bond with my family on Easter Sunday. I was occupied with loads of school work and offseason Volleyball where I had to stay put in the hills of Oxford, Mississippi, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Yes, I went to two badass, top universities in my whole twenty-five years of living while not being able to spend one dime of my own money.

I’ve realized that faith is a source of strength. It helps you get to and surpass your dreams. Faith is the one ingredient that helps us feel alive while we’re still living. Maybe I was trapped miles away from my family or maybe I was living what was once a dream as a little girl. I think faith was what got me to experience two universities under the age of twenty while still doing something that fulfilled my passions. With faith, I was able to walk in confidence without worry of my future because I believed in my dreams and knew what I wanted.White Top And Mint Jeans Outfit

I’ll admit there were hard times that I had to go through before getting to my destiny. I remember several instances where I cried of being exhausted and times where I couldn’t spend the weekend hanging with my friends. However, those times were only temporary because I believed of a joyful outcome. With faith, I was able to walk into the unknown only relying on a vision I’ve witnessed on television. To my surprise that vision took me farther than I ever imagined. I was able to travel the country several times a week, hopping from hotel to hotel while eating five-star meals. I was also able to walk the streets of China Town in New York City and walk past the set of Full House in San Francisco.

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If you are reading this you may be uncertain of your future, but I want you to never give up on your dreams in vision. If you ever run into a storm just remember to have faith, be faithful in your vision because you are only three inches away from getting more than you’ve ever imagined. And don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ for more updates on Beezhive.




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    That last paragraph is exactly what I needed to hear today. I have been feeling lost and uncertain of my future but having faith is the only way to get by sometimes. Faith is such a powerful thing and we sometimes lose sight of that. Thanks for sharing your story =)

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    Bree At Last

    You are telling many of our stories with this post….thank you for sharing! Most importantly, we need to have faith in ourselves, and sometimes I think that’s the hardest place to put our faith, which is so unfortunate.

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