Festival Beauty Guide

Late nights, smeared mascara, yummy brunch, and your favorite music blasting in your ears as you dance with a crowd of friends. Festival season is here and it’s time to live up another summer. Sometimes it gets difficult to come up with new beauty styles when your body is hungover from one too many cocktails at yesterday’s celebrity-filled desert party. And besides, you’re always on the go and not wanting to be extra late to that day party. Don’t worry girl, I’ve got you covered with some insta-worthy looks that will for sure have you poppin’ on Instagram’s explore page. Here are a few beauty looks you must try on your next festival adventure:

1. Braided-Up:

I want festival braids everyday 🦄

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Braids are always in when the weather gets warm. Try switching it up with a half-up braid for a funky, fun hair look. It’s an easy and quick look especially for those who aren’t that skilled with braiding your own hair.

2. Sparkle Me

Into these details ✨💕✨💕

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"It's like Christmas on your lips 😍" – Jaleesa M. @saythelees 😂😂 @patmcgrathreal #LUST004

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New Year's Eve sparkles #happy2017

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It isn’t a festival without a touch of fairy dust. Add some sparkle to your makeup look for an extra sense of bling. With a casual outfit, it’ll be easy to go crazy with glitter and sparkles anywhere that tickles your fancy. Bling it on!

3. Bauble-ing

Thanking my grandma for making me this gorgeous top @crisantamalig I LOVE YOU APU | @bodybauble eye jewelry and @shashinyc body jewelry

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Add a few baubles to complete your chic-gypsy look. Baubles is your favorite “It” girls easiest applicable accessory. Just peel, stick and apply. Easy like 1,2,3.

4. Feeling Charm-ing

Hair deets. 💁🏼

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Slay the hair deets in this season’s latest trend. Bring out your inner bohemian by bejeweling your luscious locks with a few hair charms. Easily add them to your up-do or funky braids, no matter the style charms are sure to up your hair game.

5. Silky Savage

Treat your hair the right way while wearing a silky scarf. Choose one with vibrant colors and patterns to up the bohemian theme of your entire look. The best thing about this is that silk protects your hair from any breakage. Can you say long hair don’t care!

Which festival beauty look are you bold enough to try? And don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’  to stay up to date on the latest posts.



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    I’m not really a festival girl, but I love the first hairstyle you have up there, along with that second picture down. Forget festivals, I want those to be part of my every day style.

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      [email protected] Post author

      You can certainly add them to your everyday style. It was meant to be wearable for any day :).

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    I love the fun festival looks you’ve shown here. I live really close to where Bonaroo and the CMA music festival are held but haven’t ever been. (shame on me) Hopefully one day I’ll be able to go!

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      [email protected] Post author

      Well get out more and go make some memories even if you have to hang out outside the festival. You may meet someone. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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      [email protected] Post author

      Awesome, don’t forget to share when you do try it. I’d love to see!

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      [email protected] Post author

      Ikr, there’s nothing wrong with even the slightest glitter.

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      [email protected] Post author

      Thank you and thanks for reading!

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      [email protected] Post author

      Love it, thank you for visiting!

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      [email protected] Post author

      If you try one of the looks, tag me so I can see 🙂

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      [email protected] Post author

      Thank you Shannon, so glad you enjoyed the post!

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