Best Spring Outfit 2

Spring is my favorite season of the year. Why? Because the beaming sun peaking through the bundles of clouds instantly brightens my day. After days of continuous non-stop rain, you get a glimpse of summer colors from fuchsia pink azaleas to the greenest grass in the hills of Northern California. Spring is the first indicator that Summer is right around the corner yet can’t let go of its love affair with Winter. Spring is the perfect time to dust off your favorite denim shorts and flaunt your brightest knits in the hopes of putting Winter behind you. I was inspired by a Popsugar styling hack to try in 2017. Popsugar wrote an article about trying new styling hacks and posting to your social media using #PSstylinghacks. Can you guess what the hack was? Alright, alright I’ll spill the beans already!

Photographer: Sofia Mieses

Best Spring Outfit 4

Popsugar dared to show some skin in a favorite backless piece (for more hacks read here). I found this open back button up at Buffalo Exchange (similar here). If you haven’t paid attention by now or just haven’t read my previous blog, thrifting is my favorite way to shop. Don’t get me wrong I love a new shiny purse or silky blouse just as the next girl but thrifting allows you to find unique pieces that no one has. Plus I love the fact that you’re less likely to run into someone with the same exact outfit.

Best Spring Outfit

Denim shorts are my go-to piece for any outfit combination when I hence a hint of warm weather. I get withdrawals when Winter comes around because I have to retire my favorite type of bottoms for oversized fleece sweatpants and cozy hoodies. These denim shorts from Dolls Kill are easy to style and comfortable to wear. You can style shorts in numerous ways from the sexiest six-inch heels to those cool embroidered sneakers hanging in your closet, there’s nothing that could be a bad pairing with denim shorts.

Rolex Watch For Women

I finished the look with the coziest scarf (similar here) known to man. Seriously, it’s that comfortable and quite warm despite it being a super cheap purchase at Forever 21. A pair of Chinese Laundry knee high boots was the easiest shoe choice because they’re my favorite type of boots, duh. I’ve worn these babies so many times that the sole is starting to go dull and flat. Guess it’s time for new ones. Hint, hint! Add a touch of gold, like my Rolex watch (similar here). Don’t fret because I definitely didn’t purchase this, let’s just say I borrowed it from a certain someone. Thanks, Dad! For a more budget-friendly, reasonable watches I found a few similar options here and here. Below you can find a few pieces to recreate a similar look.

Open Back Top

Do you know any fashion hacks? If so, what are they? And don’t forget to follow the Beezhive Bloglovin’ Bloglovin’ page for more updates.


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      You should get some the boots are from Chinese Laundry and I certainly don’t regret the purchase!

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    I love spring for the exact reason. Summer is almost here! This outfit is so perfect, I especially love the open back top. I’m also a thrifting queen and love finding an awesome piece for a fraction of what it would cost retail!

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      Yayyyy to the thrifting queen, it awesome that we have a few things in common! Thank you for commenting!

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