New Houston Nail Salon: Polish Parker And Roe

I recently had the chance to try a new salon that opened up here in Houston, thanks to Tidbits always giving me the inside scoop. You should really sign up for their newsletters, Tidbits always has the 411 on any Houston event or grand opening. Now back to the salon. Polish Parker and Roe is located on Edwards Street where there is a new industrial development. Upon arrival, the modern architectural aesthetic immediately caught my eye with its tall steel pillars greeting you at first glance. I love the vibe Houston has been going for lately developing buildings with an artsy architectural feel.New Houston Nail Salon: Polish Parker And RoeThe modern industrial aesthetic continued inside Polish Parker and Roe, with wide floor to ceiling windows and a welcomed greeting from the front desk assistant. I was then instructed to write down my information (name/service request) and had to pick from hundreds of polishes ranging from gel to regular. Of course, I chose my usual gel polish on my nails. and regular polish for the toes.

It wasn’t long before being called over to be the next pampered princess in their royal-like chair. The nail tech greeted me, helped me into the chair and I immediately began soaking my toes. You know the usual procedures you go through at any nail salon. My toes were scrubbed and coated to perfection. I mean, I could have used them as forks if I knew how. But that would look weird and quite frankly might be a little uncomfortable.

Houston Nail Salon: Polish Parker And Roe

I was lucky enough to get help with moving myself and the loads of crap I had with me to their nail bar. I love that the table was the perfect height for me. Giving enough space between me and the nail tech while also preventing me from getting the numb arm. It sucks when tables are too short (length and height wise) that I have to lock my elbows because my arm span won’t fit the width of the table. Yup, perks of being tall!

New Salon: Polish Parker And RoeNew Salon: Polish Parker And Roe

Polish Parker and Roe

The beginning of the nail process put the nail tech in a bind because she used a removal process that was typically unusual for natural nails. After minutes of soaking my fingers in acetone and filing the leftover polish, my nails was finally a blank canvas that was ready to be groomed and re-painted. I was glad I had a nail tech who was interested in having a personal conversation. I love when I can build relationships or get the scoop on cool life stories because that’s what attracts me to visit a second time. Plus I enjoy meeting new people. Have you discovered any new nail salon’s in your town that you’re destined to try?

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