You’re scrounging the internet for a gift that mom hasn’t already gotten tugged away in her closet. Shoes, purses, perfume, fine jewelry even a mug… yes she has it all! And your brain is out of ideas on what to get the woman who willing birthed you, loved you at even the worst of times, and the one to cook you the yummiest Saturday morning breakfast.

We’ve all been there and it seems that we’ll always be running around like chickens with our heads cut off to find the perfect unexpected gift for Mother’s Day. Dad isn’t any help and your loose the element of surprise to ask mom what she wants because she says “I don’t need anything because I have you.” Plus, you’re just fed up with getting the same ole Mother’s Day present year after year. Or maybe you just end up giving a heartfelt card. Look not more because boy have I outdone myself! Not to brag, but I’m pretty sure your Mother wouldn’t expect any of these gifts for Mother’s Day and I bet she doesn’t even have them stashed in her hidden compartments!

Mother's Day Gift Guide List

  1. Italian silk scarf
  2. 14k  hoop studs
  3. Flower drop earrings
  4. Mini Suki crossbody
  5. Travel jewelry pouch
  6. Travel underwear pouch
  7. Silk eye mask and pillow case
  8. Backless tassel loafer (light blue/navy)

Which gift would you get mom for Mother’s Day? And don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay updated on the latest blogs. Also, keep an eye on my Instagram (@bz_hive) because I’ll be announcing a ridiculously fun giveaway soon. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey! PS shout out to my cousin for making these super cool cutouts, the graphic you see is all her!




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    Kurline Altes

    Mothers’ Day gifts- the big talk of the month! I must admit, I have been running around like a chicken without a head trying to find something meaningful yet fun. I got my eyes on that Mini Suki Cossbody bag. Why? Because we both can use it 😉

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    [email protected]

    This looks great! they are simply but who wouldn’t want a silk eye mask? i posted a little late too but I think when you want something great you probably are shopping last minute anyways.

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    Love that eye mask, by mother in law would be ALL about that. Thanks for the suggestions! I will save this list for a birthday list for her- since I’m a little late to finding it! Abigail-

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    Beautiful ideas! I know my mom would love those slippers! The problem I have is that my mom likes to keep things nice, so it seems like she’s always saving everything I give her. I’m always telling her, “IT’S MEANT TO BE USED!”. Love the cross body bag too!

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