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Hi, guys! Did you miss me? I can understand if you did because I missed you too! Sorry that I’ve been gone for such a long time. I’ve been going through a slight quarter-life crisis or for lack of a better word some bullshit. Now that we have that out the way let’s talk about how summer has finally arrived! Summer is the time for adventurous trips, endless laughs with friends, and partying til’ the break of dawn. What better way to spend your Summer days in Miami.

I love Miami, last Summer I vacationed there two weekends in a row with my friends because of how much fun we had! It’s definitely a place I would recommend you visit at least once in your lifetime. Preferably when you are young but hey who says you can’t be young at any age! At the beginning of the year, I visited Miami and thought this is the perfect time to put together a mini travel guide. You know just in case you’re planning to take a trip to Miami. Find out where to stay, what to eat and do.


To book my room at The Stiles Hotel I used the Hotel Tonight mobile app. This app is perfect for finding hotel deals in a jiffy. The app also allows you to book in advance until your return date. The best thing about the app is the more you use it to book hotels, the discount amount increases. I used the app quite often so I’m already on level 2! I also recommend using Hotwire as well. You can find five-star hotels at over half off the original price! One time I booked through Hotwire, I had a chance to stay at a five-star hotel that cost $300 a night for only $150! Now if that isn’t a deal, I don’t know what is. Don’t forget to check Airbnb as well. You can definitely find a place to stay for the low. Check out these cool spots here, here, and here. I promise you won’t regret any decision you make!

WHAT TO EATNaked Taco South Beach 2

If you plan on spending time in South Beach, I highly recommend choosing a restaurant that’s at least two streets from the shoreline. Why? Well for one reason a ton of tourists walk up and down Ocean Drive crowding every inch of the sidewalk and two, the price of meals is 2x more. There’s plenty of cool spots you can find that have decently priced menus with delicious choices.

Naked Taco is a hidden gem just a few streets from the Atlantic coastline and a few steps away from the hotel. You can automatically feel the 70’s, vintage, Cuban type of atmosphere when you arrive at the restaurant. And did I mention there’s half of a car greeting you at the entrance! Not to include the endless Mexican dishes available for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner. I had a chicken and shrimp fajita but I will for sure be back to try their Guacamole Bar when I’m in Miami.


Breakwater Hotel South Beach

Miami is historic for South Beach or SOBE, if you really wanna be hip. You’re a first-time visitor to Miami and have no clue on what they have to offer. Hence that’s why I’m here to give you the lowdown on what to do during your Miami escapades! Wynwood Art District is the perfect spot for when you need a taste of live street art. Walls are painted with intricate patterns, clean cut abstract lines and cartoon murals. Wynwood is more than art, you can experience one of the many artisanal eateries, breweries, and bars. Home to three James Beard Nominated chefs and restaurants, you’re bound to find a good choice. If you are all about luxury shopping you’ll want to visit, Miami Design District the mecca for high-end shops. From Louis Vuitton to Tiffany & Co., you can find your favorite luxury designer brands beautifully standing in the design district. While you shop, you can view the array of art installations sporadically holding space in the design district. Miami design district is perfect for any high roller. South Beach is the number one place to be when in Miami, from nightlife to beach tanning, there’s nothing you couldn’t do. South Beach has to be one of my favorite parts about Miami. You can play sand volleyball, take a dip in the ocean, shop on Collins Avenue, bar hop, and eat all in one place. It’s literally the ultimate adult playground.


Summer Outfit Flatlay

Miami Outfit Ideas 2

Miami’s weather isn’t too different from what I’ve experienced in Houston. The year long hot, sunny, humid weather calls for loose fitting clothes. And when I mean year long, I mean it gets no lower than 80° on an average day in January (the coldest month of the year). If you sweat profusely like me, you’ll thank me later after you’ve done a day worth of adventures in over 100° weather in the most comfortable, heat friendly outfit ever.

Cami’s are perfect to wear when in hot climate areas. They’re breathable light-weight and easy to put on. Out of all the tops I have, this cami (similar here and here) is my favorite one because the color and lace detail is magnificent! Add wide leg trousers to your outfit and you’ll be cooler than ever. Every time I wear these trousers (similar here) I get an endless amount of compliments. By the end of the day, I’m feeling like the queen of fashion with the best shopping taste that’s ever lived. The best part about these trousers is the extra air that hits my body when I’m walking, it’s like a personal AC unit for my legs hahaha. To see what else I wore and shop similar items scroll in the widget below. And don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ for updates on the newest posts. Love you lots, until next time!




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    I was in Miami last year for the first “real” time. I loved every moment of it! I cannot wait to go back! I love boutique hotels so, Stiles seems right up my ally! I also did not head to the Wynwood District but it is on the top of my list next time around!

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