Silver Necklace Layering

I’ve been obsessing over necklace layering for a few years. However, I never wore jewelry to try the style until now. I realized that adding jewelry to your outfit can change your entire look in the blink of an eye. The pop of shimmer from the gold or silver tones of your jewelry instantly brightens your face, making you look younger and radiant. Can’t believe I’ve missed out because who wouldn’t want to look younger!

If you’re a fashion feen, like me you’ve noticed layering jewelry has been a huge trend for the past few years. From the ultimate arm party to stacked rings and now layered necklaces making its debut on your favorite fashionista or it-girl around the world. I love that layering jewelry can fit a woman of any age, allowing you to showcase your unique sense of style. The ability to layer jewelry can come in an endless amount of ways of mixing bold, vibrant pieces with delicate, minimalistic jewels. Since I have a new love with styling my favorite necklaces, I wanted to share a few ways you can wear SS 2017’s latest jewelry trend.

Mixed Metal Necklace Layering

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    Great advice, thank you! I love how you mentioned that you didn’t wear too much jewelry prior to this – I can relate and feel the same about myself. The layered necklaces really aren’t too much and definitely highlight a person’s outfit at any age. Love the close up pics too, good job!

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      [email protected] Post author

      I’m slowly getting into wearing jewelry, but I think I’m leaning more towards the minimal pieces. Let me know if you do end up try layering a few of your necklaces, I would love to see! And thanks for visiting 🙂

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