I’ve had this dress hanging in my closet for over a year. Eeeeek! I’m working on wearing my favorite pieces often, instead of hoarding them to save its value. I remember shopping for this dress with an old friend. We were at a Jazz Festival in Houston to support her cousin singing for a live performance. Side note, I love music (who doesn’t) because it touches people in ways that can’t be explained, it’s truly magic… the one that comes from fairies similar to where this dress came from.

Photographer: Angela Brickley

21 Dresses To Wear Before Winter

Anyway, back to the dress shopping. I purchased this dress from a mobile truck boutique, Unlikely Boutique, while in DT Houston. It was love at first sight and knew I wouldn’t get it off my mind if it wasn’t purchased. My favorite part is the open drape back. It’s sexy and chic at the same time. I also love the slinky, stretchable material. After looking through my photo shoot roll, it reminded me of what Kim Kardashian West would wear. This dress is also easy to wear in the Summer and Fall months for sure. Since this dress is one of a kind, I found 21 dresses that you can shop and wear before Winter:

Low Back White Dress
  1. Love Culture ($38.97) – 40% off
  2. PrettyLIttleThing ($43.75)
  3. PrettyLittleThing ($52.50)
  4. PrettyLittleThing ($35) – 33% off
  5. PrettyLittleThing ($17.50) – 50% off
  6. Urban Outfitters (Sale! $59.99)
  7. Urban Outfitters (Sale! $29.99)
  8. Urban Outfitters ($49)
  9. Dolls Kill ($95) – 70% off
  10. Love Culture ($79.95)
  11. Nasty Gal ($88)
  12. SheIn ($13.99)
  13. SheIn ($16.99)
  14. SheIn ($18.99)
  15. SheIn ($18.99)
  16. SheIn ($16.99)
  17. Lioness ($99)
  18. Lioness ($89)
  19. Lioness ($99)
  20. Lulus ($54)
  21. Tobi ($15)

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